Services designed for USA eCommerce Companies

Services for US Companies

Many US eCommerce companies face the same challenges: Returns Management/Reverse Logistics, Overstock Inventory, Liquidation, Marketplace Listing Management (e.g. Amazon, Walmart, etc) and Warehousing and Fulfillment. Although you can't can't avoid these problems, you can minimize the impact to your bottom line and start recovering lost profits today by working with ReturnsUSA.


Use our experience and expertise to your advantage. Build your business and loyalty while we focus on simplifying your returns logistics.

Summary Of Services Offered:

  • Returns Management
  • Fulfillment and Warehouse Options
  • Amazon Services
  • Marketplace Sales
  • Overstock And Liquidation Services
  • Brand Enhancement
  • Inspection Certification Seal
  • Trust Mark Identification

Returns Management

Reverse Logistics can be difficult, and costly. We thrive on returns because it is the focus of our business - so it doesn’t have to be the focus of yours. Every return that we receive is checked for damages, rebagged if needed, and given our ReturnsUSA Certificate before it is redistributed back into the supply chain. Choose a plan that starts out small, and upgrade as you grow- or choose a custom solution to maximize profits right from the start!

Fulfillment and Warehouse Options

Buffer stock in the Returns USA warehouse to avoid costly storage or disposal fees. Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) gives you full visibility into products flowing into the marketplace and back into stock. Are you a west coast seller that has east coast customers? Or, maybe you are a dropshipper and need fulfilment services? Whatever the case, we have a full service warehouse conveniently located in Northeast Pennsylvania- close to all major east coast markets. We offer economical storage, and complete the package with flexible fulfillment options.

Amazon Services

If you’re selling on Amazon via FBA or FBM- we’ve got you covered! We can send inventory when needed to avoid high fees, or fulfill the orders via our 3pl warehouse. Let us deal with the headaches of listing on Amazon - allowing you more time to run your business. We have over 25 years of experience when it comes to eCommerce and marketplaces; and we realize the time and effort it takes to maintain an effective campaign within big marketplace structure.

Marketplace Sales

We even have our own website and marketplace to sell merchandise. We do the marketing and listing for the products, so buyers can find bargains on everything from shoes to garden supplies. We can list and sell your returned items so you can get paid for otherwise lost revenue. Go to and check it out!

Overstocks and Liquidation

Returns USA isn’t just for returned items. We also cater to the world of Overstocked Merchandise and Liquidations. Send us your inventory, or simply request we list them on marketplaces such as the Returns USA website. We can sell your inventory by Item, Pallet, or Lot. Give us a call to discuss which options best fit your business needs. We are Flexible!

Brand Enhancement

Are you maximizing the selling potential of your products and Brand(s)? Since Returns USA is under the BrandNexity Umbrella of companies; you can take advantage of the professional services we offer from that side of the business. Let us examine your existing data, images, and listings to determine how we can help enhance them so you sell more product. There’s no charge for an assessment, so there’s nothing to lose except bad data!

Returns USA Inspection Seal

The Returns USA Inspection Seal means that the item(s) have been inspected by a qualified staff member who has assessed the current condition and future status of the product. This assessment is matched against predetermined criteria to classify the product into appropriate categories.The certification seal comes standard with all services, but can be purchased as a separate service for companies looking to standardize their returns process. Ask us how the Returns USA Certified Seal can work for your business!

The Returns USA Trust Mark

63% of consumers will check a website’s returns policy prior to making a purchase. Plus over 90% will not make a purchase again if they have a bad experience while making a return.

ReturnsUSA has a solution that works for all size companies and marketplace sellers. We offer a recognizable and valuable trust mark that shows shoppers your company is dedicated to standing behind a fair and equitable returns policy with the consumer in mind. ReturnsUSA works with you to create this valuable policy that actually increases sales by establishing consumer trust. A well written policy can actually be used to your ADVANTAGE.

Post a return, ReturnsUSA follows up with customers who have made a return to your company to gather feedback with their returns experience. If a dispute arises, ReturnsUSA is there to mediate with the consumer and your company for a good outcome.

By prominently displaying the ReturnsUSA seal we guarantee your conversion will increase on any USA Facing Website.